Anderson shows there’s power in #s

Fundraiser for Jessica Anderson for Delegate on May 27 with Special Guest, Delegate Dan Helmer Saturday, May 27 from 6 pm to 8 pm Home of Liz Allison & Mike Levine
2130 Lake Powell Rd, Williamsburg.
Join Jessica Anderson with special guest Delegate Dan Helmer (District 10 – Fairfax County ) for an exciting evening.

Learn more about Jessica, her campaign, and what she’s doing to win the 71st District. Jess’ race is already changing the hearts and minds of voters in the 71st District and beyond.
Jess led Q1 fundraising across ALL Virginia races for Small Dollar (under $100) Donors with 2,459 and Total Small Dollars raised with $53,666.30. She was also #1 in Total Donors with 2,519 donors.

Q1 VPAP Small Dollar Donors

Chaz Nuttycombe from cnalysis changed his forecast on Monday for the 71st on POD Virginia.
Michael Pope- “The forecast is in the Williamsburg, James City County area where we’ve got Delegate Amanda Baton running for reelection. So the Democrat of the race is Jessica Anderson. And Chaz tells us that he’s moving this race from likely Republican to lean Republican.”
Chaz- “This will still be an uphill battle for Anderson and the Virginia Democrats for this seat. It voted for Republicans in 2021 and 2022. But it did vote for Biden, and the seat is trending leftward.” Listen Here:

The fundraiser is sponsored by Liz Allison & Mike Levine, and Christine Payne.
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