How did a 28 second video scare Virginia Republicans and is Fox News coordinating with them?

Ask yourself why they would make a candidate, like myself, a target on their #1 news outlet, with this false narrative? We are talking about an election that’s over 6 months away, where an everyday, married mom and part time school receptionist is running against a two time Republican incumbent in House leadership? I think the answer is pretty clear…

The 28 second TikTok clip, filmed over 18 months ago, managed to travel from a small right wing VA Twitter page, with all of 1,632 followers, to me receiving an email from FOX Digital within 12 hours:

“We’re publishing a story on your online video where you said Virginia parents who were involved in their kids’ educations were indoctrinating their kids, as well as encouraging the parents to “homeschool” their children.
Do you have any comment on the video? How does calling Virginia parents involved in their kids’ education “crazy” line up with your pledge of “always” standing “for parental rights, for ALL parents?” Are you concerned that parents hearing your responses to the criticism may feel like you’re trying to shut them out of schools because they disagree with you?

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We’re looking to publish the piece today, so I would need a response by 1:30 PM ET. Apologies for the quick turnover, I’m more than happy to add in a comment after publication if necessary.” – Houston Keene FOX Digital

Even in this very email, I had to set the record straight that the word “crazy” was never stated in this video. That alone shows both FOX, and the original Twitter page that started it all, either didn’t bother to listen to my words or outwardly lied, in addition to misrepresenting my entire message. The retaliation in the comment sections from this lie has ranged from being called a “Nazi tranny” to insinuating my children should be removed from my home.

As a mom of 3 daughters, who has been a vocal advocate in education for not only my daughters, but so many families in my District; from building a run program from the ground up in New Kent elementary, to overseeing the Wellness programs, run club and backpack Food Bank program for students, in my current district, this rhetoric is grotesque and shows the VA GOP’s true colors.

Ironically, if you look past the Propaganda headline, the FOX News hit piece is actually a good article, highlighting both my response to the FOX News reporter’s email, as well as showing excerpts from my Public School issue page on my webpage.

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I implore you to take a read, and learn more about one of the many reasons I’m running for Delegate in the 71st District. It’s also a chance to see how desperately they want to spin the narrative and paint me in a negative light.

So what is the answer to this open attack on a first time candidate? The Virginia GOP and their Governor have come to the realization that I WILL win the Delegate seat come November, and they just showed their hand to the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

I’m Jessica Anderson and I’m running for the Virginia House of Delegates 71st District!

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