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Thank you for your incredibly generous contribution!

I have so many hopes for this upcoming November election and look forward to fortifying and extending the blue wall in Virginia’s General Assembly and you are a part of that effort.

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Jessica Anderson is not a politician; she is an everyday person, who advocates for her community. A person who knows the real struggles of families in Virginia, and particularly in the 71st District, because she has both lived and continues to live it, each and every day. She will be someone who is willing to recognize and address the flaws in our systems, with the intention of meeting the needs of the many, while making sure the needs of all are still voiced and considered.

Jessica “Jess” Anderson is a married mom to three daughters, and stepmother to one son and daughter. As a lifelong Virginian, born and raised in Newport News, then raising her family in both New Kent County and Williamsburg/James City County, she sees the everyday needs of the 71st District. Jessica attained her Associates Degree in Business Administration from TNCC in May of 2007, while pregnant with her second born. During this time, she worked full time, with a local family dental practice, specializing in billing, insurance and scheduling, and maintained that position for over 7 years before opting to be a stay at home mom for 2 years.

The years that followed marked big changes in Jess’ life and shaped the person she is today, as well as being the driving force behind her wanting to serve as the House Delegate, in Virginia’s 71st District. In late 2014, while going through a difficult divorce, she found herself struggling to provide health insurance for her young daughters and unable to meet financial needs for daily necessities, all while trying to return to the work force. This moment showed her just how important and lifesaving, social safety nets are to families; and programs, like EBT and FAMIS, which carried her through the next 2 years, keeping her family afloat.

Jess has since married her now husband, David, in 2017, whom she met through the incredible local running community. The couple now resides in Williamsburg/James City County, with two of their five children, three pups, cat and rat, while their three adult children are continuing their higher education in local Virginia colleges. In 2018, Jess left the insurance/billing world to pursue a new career working part-time as the front office Receptionist at one of Williamsburg/James City County’s elementary schools. This position was just another opportunity for Jess to see firsthand, the inner workings of public education, and how it affects the educators, staff, students and their families.